Mindfulness Masterclass
January 2018

New Years is all about new beginnings.  Why not start your year off with a renewed sense of wonder?  This Masterclass is an opportunity to work with George Mumford, "The Mindfulness Whisperer", and reconnect with the joy of discovery.  The Mindfulness process George offers is a powerful, user-friendly, practical, and common sense mindfulness. The role of mindfulness is to cultivate and balance these factors, which is key to experiencing joy and wonder in your life.  Join George in this incredible exploration of the wonder of being human.

A New Year is a Time for New Beginnings
Right Effort

This Mindfulness Masterclass provides the opportunity to evaluate and take stock of one’s mindfulness practice by  growing the strength of these factors. Additionally, by cultivating and balancing these factors mindfulness is applied to daily activities, in a practical, user-friendly way - just in time for the mental overwhelm of the holidays. In this way, your mindfulness practice naturally extends beyond sitting meditation to showing up fully in life, while at the same time enhancing the ability to sit in stillness and silence.

Livestream Masterclass
This is a unique opportunity to join George from anywhere for this Livestream Masterclass. 

*Note: If you cannot attend live, the recording will be sent out following the class.
January 13th
9 AM to 12pm Eastern

Wisdom begins
with Wonder
a Workshop with George Mumford


George Mumford
The "Mindfulness Whisperer"
George is known as Phil Jackson's secret weapon, and teaches mindfulness to the highest performers in their field.
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George will show you:
To reconnect with the joy of discovery
The wonder in what George calls "Living the Mystery"
How to approach life with "fresh eyes" - like the eyes of a child
How wonderful it is to be human

Notice: This is a virtual seminar, however limited seats are available to experience the workshop live.  Once you register, you will be given the option to RSVP to the workshop live at Cambridge College.


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